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Anonymous online dating without pictures (at first)

On you decide who sees your profile pictures and who can send you messages. This way, your privacy is protected since you will remain anonymous to all but those to whom you decide to show your pictures, and you don’t waste your time reading unwelcome messages from people you are not interested in.

Unique online dating based completely on personality matching!

Our thorough and practical personality matching tools will help you find that special someone - or a great friend. This way, you can experience a more engaging relationship that starts on a solid foundation.

Thorough and practical personality matching tools

Most dating sites gather some basic information and spit out a giant list of people that happen to be in your vicinity and in the age range you're looking for. At that point you just get to do some window shopping and hope that you are at least somewhat compatible.

Few dating sites go a little deeper (and some go a little too deep!) but still overlook some areas which are crucial to offering true compatibility. If you are a vegetarian and you get matched with a green-avoiding-carnivore, it may seem cute at first in an opposites-attract kind of way, but these choices actually indicate major differences in worldviews and life styles.

Our personality matching categories

Our unique questionnaire evaluates your character and personality in all 5 major traits, plus the quantity and quality of major lifestyle indicators, such as:

ALL shapes, sizes, energy and ability levels welcomed, and matched!
Meat lover? Vegan? Healthy eater? Junk food junkie? Find your match here!
We don't just consider types of music. We sort those who only hear music in friends' cars, and those who fill every possible moment with it.
Not religious but quite spiritual? Duly noted, and matched.

Your match results are displayed in an easy-to-read visual fashion, which lets you quickly see how well and uniquely you match each person - without profile pictures

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Why no profile pictures at first?

  • Because profile pictures are very poor indicators of compatibility.
  • Because when you focus on how well their personality matches yours, without being distracted by pictures, you are more likely to find someone you will be happy with.
  • Because it protects your privacy. Maybe you don't want the whole world to know you are looking.
  • Because, when you fall for their personality, everything else about them becomes beautiful.